To protect and conserve our natural and cultural environment by empowering civil society and government to jointly create healthy and prosperous communities.


Communities believe their quality of life is related to the health and vitality of the environment and citizens act accordingly.


Eco-Alianza believes that everyone living in or visiting Loreto must be part of the solution.

Latest News

Soundings October 2023

The weather has finally turned! It’s as if nature has a switch that shifts the often-brutal summer heat into the delightful autumn season. No more sweltering temps above 100 degrees! More comfortable days and pleasant nights welcoming so many friends and family back to Loreto. Just in time for our ANNUAL ECO-ALIANZA 16TH GALA & FUNDRAISER, November 11, 2023, at Hotel La Misión. We're thrilled to invite you to Eco-Alianza's 16th Fundraising GALA, "Save the Treasures We Love for Future Generations," in partnership with La Mision Hotel.

Soundings August 2023

At the recent gala celebration of the 27th Anniversary of the Bay of Loreto National Park (PNBL), Dr. Victor Sanchez Cordero presented the 'Certificado de Lista Verde de la UICN' to the Bay of Loreto National Park. It was announced that the Park has been Certified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (UICN) as a "Green Listed" site, one of 77 protected sites globally certified and recognized as achieving ongoing results for people and nature in a fair and effective way.

Soundings June 2023

With air temperatures hitting the high 90s this week, one has to admit that our mild Loreto spring has slipped away. While the afternoons feel steamy, the warm nights are a bit of heaven for outdoor dining and evening walks. Loreto beaches are filled from afternoon into the rise of moon behind Carmen with children splashing in the warm water and the spread of family picnics on the sand. Volleyball games pop up at the north end of the Malecon, and kids chase one another on scooters up and down the waterfront. There’s a sense of happiness permeating the air.

As a non-profit, donations and in-kind support enable us to work towards our goals. Help us protect and conserve.

Eco-Alianza believes that everyone living in or visiting Loreto must be part of the solution.


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