Office: (location)
Miguel Hidalgo SN, Loc 3
Esq. Romanita
Col. Centro, CP 23880
Loreto, B.C.S.

+52 (613) 13 51907

Office: (mailing address)
APDO Postal #282
Colonia Centro
Loreto, B.C.S.
Mexico 23880

Office: (USA mailing address)
Eco-Alianza de Loreto, A.C.
3419 Via Lido, Ste. 402
Newport Beach, California 92663

Employment Opportunities:

General Questions or Comments:

<strong>Ing. Hugo Quintero Maldonado </strong>
Ing. Hugo Quintero Maldonado President/CEO
+52 (613) 13 51907 Ext. 514
<strong>L.C.P. Maria Azucena Quintero Maldonado</strong>
L.C.P. Maria Azucena Quintero MaldonadoSenior Program Officer
+52 (613) 13 51907 Ext. 508
<strong>M.C., M.A.E. Ulises Méndez García</strong>
M.C., M.A.E. Ulises Méndez GarcíaPrograms Director
+52 (613) 13 51907 Ext. 506
<strong>M.C. Nidia I. Ramirez Arce</strong>
M.C. Nidia I. Ramirez ArcePrograms Coordinator
+52 (613) 13 51907 Ext. 503
<strong>M.C. Brenda E. Garcia Rios</strong>
M.C. Brenda E. Garcia RiosPrograms Coordinator
+52 (613) 13 51907 Ext. 512
<strong>Alma D. Rico Raygoza</strong>
Alma D. Rico RaygozaPrograms Coordinator
+52 (613) 13 51907 Ext. 503
<strong>Ing. Helden Yozef Velis Murillo</strong>
Ing. Helden Yozef Velis MurilloProject Coordinator
+52 (613) 13 51907 Ext. 510
<strong>Caryl Cantrell</strong>
Caryl CantrellProjects Coordinator
+52 (613) 128-8873

<strong>ME MA Perla Lozano Angulo</strong>
ME MA Perla Lozano AnguloProject Coordinator
+52 (613) 135-1907 – Ext. 506
<strong>Joana Eunice Murillo Molina</strong>
Joana Eunice Murillo MolinaProjects Assistant
+52 (613) 13 51907 Ext. 500
<strong>LTA Jennifer Ruelas Aguilar</strong>
LTA Jennifer Ruelas AguilarProjects Assistant
+52 (613) 13 51907 Ext. 503


<strong>Arq. Yvo Leonardo Arias Salorio</strong>
Arq. Yvo Leonardo Arias Salorio Chairman
Owner, Yvo Arias Salorio/Architecture & Construction
<strong>Kathryn Mitchell</strong>
Kathryn MitchellSecretary
Projects Coordinator (Retired)
MBC Applied Environmental Sciences, Costa Mesa, CA
<strong>Linda Andrea Kinninger</strong>
Linda Andrea KinningerCo-Founder and Treasurer
Principal, Kinninger & Associates (Retired)
<strong>Roberto Ortega</strong>
Roberto Ortega Pepperdine University Executive Coach and Director of Rancho Notri, Loreto.
<strong>Catharine Cooper</strong>
Catharine CooperWriter, Photographer & Designer
<strong>Richard Jackson</strong>
Richard JacksonConservation photographer
<strong>L.C.P Carlos Posadas</strong>
L.C.P Carlos PosadasUniversity professor


<strong>Anthony (Tony) Kinninger</strong>
Anthony (Tony) KinningerFounder and President Orange Commercial Credit, Ansonia Credit Data, Inc.
<strong>Chuck Mitchell</strong>
Chuck MitchellFounder and Vice President, MBC Aquatic Sciences Costa Mesa, California
<strong>Jim Callard</strong>
Jim CallardRetired professor, strategist and independent consultant
<strong>Kama Dean Fitz</strong>
Kama Dean FitzIndependent Consultant
<strong>Luz Maciel Acosta Rubio</strong>
Luz Maciel Acosta Rubio Owner
Posada Del Cortes Hotel

<strong>Winifred Frick, PhD</strong>
Winifred Frick, PhDChief Scientist, Bat Conservation International
 <strong>Jill Jackson</strong>
Jill Jackson President, Misión Loreto Properties
Co-owner, Las Cabanas de Loreto
<strong>Norma Beatriz Garcia</strong>
Norma Beatriz Garcia President, Loreto Restaurant Association
Co-Owner, Restaurante 1697
<strong>Joaquín Muñoz Rendón</strong>
Joaquín Muñoz RendónDirector of the Loreto Missions Museum,
National Institute of Anthropology and History
<strong>Wallace J. Nichols, PhD</strong>
Wallace J. Nichols, PhDScientist, Water Advocate, Movement Maker, Author
<strong>Trudi Angell</strong>
Trudi Angell
US Cell: (707) 888-2065
Loreto Cel: (613) 100-8438

<strong>Elizabeth (Liz) Edgar Ramirez</strong>
Elizabeth (Liz) Edgar RamirezRetired Elementary School Principal/Owner of Hotel Casa Mangos Loreto
<strong>Bill Phelps</strong>
Bill PhelpsAuctioneer/Retired
<strong>Conrad Smith</strong>
Conrad SmithStrategic Sales Consultant, ex Amazon Web Services
<strong>Erik Cutter</strong>
Erik CutterCo-Founder & Advisory Board, Managing Director of Alegría Fresh
<strong>Javier Mercado León</strong>
Javier Mercado LeónCo-Founder