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Soundings: August Issue

Fishing is for the Birds This photographic series by Rick Jackson proves how the proper tools and the proper technique make for an effective combination, as this Reddish Egret successfully catches breakfast (clockwise from upper left). Summer heat in Loreto demands efficiency in movement!! Grants and Donations Support Marine Park Enforcement Efforts Photo courtesy of ProNatura Noroeste. Last winter a lot of Loreto Bay residents got a dose of reality when they attended an open discussion with Bay of Loreto National Park Director Alejandro González Leija, an event sponsored and organized by Eco-Alianza. They learned that the Park's operating budget has been cut by more than 50 percent, and also about difficulties the Park faces when addressing illegal fishing and [...]

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Soundings: July Issue

Eco-Alianza Teams Up to Support Totoaba Program Photos by Megan Rogers and Eco-Alianza staff. By Megan Rogers, Eco-Alianza Intern with contributions by Eco-Alianza staff More than 50 volunteers rolled up their sleeves on July 14 at the Santispac beach on Bahía Concepción in Mulegé, determined to do whatever is necessary to support a critically endangered fish, the Totoaba. On that day, the task was to release 30,000 young fish into the bay, a bucketful at a time. When the 244 islands and islets of the Gulf of California were declared a World Heritage Site in 2005, the Totoaba was one of the reasons – an endemic, endangered species that historically has been an important food source in the area. Currently [...]

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Soundings: June Issue

Just about anyone who has visited Loreto knows that Parque Nacional Bahía de Loreto (PNBL) is special, and worthy of protection. But what's the best way to spread that message worldwide? Children! Or at least that's part of the solution put forth by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In 1972, the UN passed the World Heritage Convention in Paris, asking countries around the world to designate cultural and natural sites worthy of special protection.

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Soundings: May Issue

Spring Cleaning All Around Us Photo courtesy of Richard Jackson Photography As the days continue to lengthen, this month's Soundings explores a variety of springtime activities in Loreto. Everyone's taking advantage of the extra hours of daylight, and relishing the cool nights as daytime temperatures increase. Last month's "spring cleaning" inside our homes (culminating in the celebration of our Garage Sale and Raffle) seems to have led to a fervor of spring cleaning outside. Birds have been sprucing up their nests for spring hatchlings, and all around Loreto folks are cleaning up beaches and arroyos and neighborhoods, and teaming up with friends for this summer's Recyclathon. Read all about it in this month's Soundings ! Photo courtesy of Richard Jackson Photography Say [...]

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Soundings: April Issue

Earth Day is Every Day Photo courtesy of Richard Jackson Photography This Saturday, April 22, is the 47th annual Earth Day. At Eco-Alianza we can't think of a better time to re-commit to following the path to sustainability. Whether it's a personal pledge to reduce use of plastics, or getting involved in volunteer environmental work, or just being more aware in our purchasing habits, each of us can make a difference. Read in this issue of Soundings about some of Eco-Alianza's current activities, and if you're looking for Earth Day action ideas, follow the link: Whether you're from México, Canada, the United States, or another country, a quote from U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt ("the conservation president") conveys an important [...]

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Soundings: March Issue

Spring has Sprung! A recent jaunt to Laguna Ojo Liebre revealed desert landscapes overwhelmed by color Photograph courtesy of Richard Jackson Photography These days, it seems that no matter where you go or what activities you’re involved in, Spring is bustin’ out all over! Blue whales are abundant in the Bay of Loreto National Park. Spring officially begins next week, but warm temperatures and winter moisture are transforming deserts with spectacular wildflower blooms and explosions of color. Birds are busily building and repairing nests in anticipation of Spring hatchlings, or are migrating back northward, and part-year human residents of Loreto are keeping pace with frenetic activities of their own. This issue of Soundings offers a sampling of Springtime in Loreto [...]

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Soundings: February Issue

Today is all about love, so we thought we'd send along the February issue of Soundings to remind everyone of the passion we all share for the natural world around us. Let's all embrace Loreto's wonders by standing up for the pristine and truly spectacular nature of our surroundings. Read below about how you can do just that!

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Soundings: January Issue

Happy New Year to You and Yours from All of Us at Eco-Alianza! With this issue of Soundings, Eco-Alianza enters its tenth year of operations, a significant marker for any non-governmental organization. Sadly, most non-profits flame out or fizzle within their first few years. Eco-Alianza’s vitality and steady growth is a testament to the commitment and perseverance of Eco-Alianza staff and supporters like you. We welcome the opportunity to continue working for solutions to the many enduring challenges engendered in our mission. Read below about some of the ways we bring people together ~ welcoming them to join our ongoing celebration of the wondrous qualities of Loreto’s environment and culture. Here’s to hoping our next 10 years are as magical as the first!

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Soundings: November Issue

To celebrate American Thanksgiving, we at Eco-Alianza de Loreto, A.C. give thanks for this awe-inspiring desert and ocean paradise that continues to amaze us every day. The natural and cultural wonders here provide endless delight and we are so grateful for you and the other supporters who help Eco-Alianza meet its multi-faceted mission. We certainly couldn't do it without you. This month we'd especially like to express heartfelt thanks for the success of our Ninth Anniversary celebration, which broke records as a fundraiser, but also was a smashing hit as a fun-raiser, right at our own CenCoMA headquarters. Our thanks to you, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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