Media and Social Networks

Through our Eco-Alianza website, our Facebook page and other social media, our monthly Soundings e- newsletter, and our new website, Eco-Alianza helps to create a well-informed and active citizenry. Our aim is to inform Loretanos, foreign residents and visitors alike regarding environmental issues and events, as well as to involve interested parties in community dialogue. Most communication materials are published in both English and Spanish.

Our various communication channels report on environmental progress as well as problems, and we seek community input and stories about our supporters’ environmental connections and inspirations, in Loreto and elsewhere.

Brochures and Pamphlets

We work closely with the Bay of Loreto National Park to produce informative brochures and other materials to publicize important information about the Park, its inhabitants, and its regulations and management. Additionally, we have produced and placed informative welcome signs and kiosks on Park islands, to inform visitors about natural history, safety, and Park regulations.

Our brochures and pamphlets include:

  • Know and follow the rules of Bay of Loreto National Park
  • Sport fishing regulations
  • Fish identification guide
  • Tourism user guide
  • Guide to general regulations for commercial fishing
  • Guidelines for legal fishing for responsible consumption

These booklets are available free of charge at the Park Service office, CenCoMA, and select eco-tour guide offices.


Eco-Alianza for several years has produced a high-quality, full-color wall calendar to highlight the beauty of the wildlife and the majestic scenery of Loreto. Now, calendars are produced in conjunction with the Sister City committees of Loreto and Ventura, California. They include both wildlife and ecotourism activities, highlighting (and supporting) the international connection that our “sisterhood” provides.

“Visiting Scientist” Presentations

With the proximity of the Marine Park and the biodiverse surroundings of Loreto and the Baja Peninsula, scientists and lecturers conducting research here (or those just passing through) have found attentive audiences at CenCoMA.

While sharing research, slides, films, or stories in our upstairs audio-visual auditorium, presenters impart cutting-edge knowledge in either English or Spanish, or both. Question-and-answer sessions provide attendees with the opportunity to connect with field and marine science in an intimate, family-friendly setting. Panel discussions and workshops, also, help turn science jargon into digestible, relevant knowledge about Loreto’s unique and fascinating surroundings. Our new outdoor patio space provides an even larger venue, with open-air seating for films and presentations.

Interpretive Tours and Citizen Science Activities

Many of our Visiting Scientists now provide an opportunity for interested parties to participate in hands-on science activities or on-site tours at their field study sites. Seeing science in action, and even participating in ongoing field research, offers an authentic perspective unavailable in a classroom or auditorium. Whether it’s pushing a wheelbarrow at an archaeological dig or counting hatchlings at a sea turtle nesting beach, the activities offer a real-world taste of conservation science in action.

Community Center for the Environment (CenCoMA)

Dedicated in the fall of 2013, CenCoMA offers a welcoming, utilitarian, and permanent headquarters for Eco- Alianza. This strategically-located center has become a unique venue for the entire Loreto community. CenCoMA has provided space for the expansion of our own programs, as well as increasing visibility and services to the community.

In 2014, staff offices and the COASTKEEPER® water testing laboratory were completed, then enhanced, audio/visual systems installed, and additional computer equipment added. CenCoMA has become a resource for meetings of conservation groups, government agencies, fishing cooperatives, educational groups, and academic institutions in an ongoing effort to promote environmental sustainability. Other community groups also rent our meeting rooms at minimal cost on an as-available basis.

Participation in Promotion of Loreto and Sustainability

In an ongoing effort to support a sustainable, tourism-based economy for Loreto, Eco-Alianza participates actively on the Pueblo Mágico Committee and on all committees related to the Sister City/Sister Parks and Sister Mission initiative with Ventura, California. More information on our leadership in the international Sisterhood initiatives is available in that section of this website.

UABCS/SDSU Sustainability Collaboration

With the support and participation of Eco-Alianza, undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of San Diego State University majors and departments visit Loreto twice annually to participate in a long-term study on sustainability.