We continue to expand our environmental education programming for Loreto’s youth and adults – offered at no charge to the students – with great success. Child by child we are building a team of environmental stewards who will guide the next generation in the care and support of local and regional natural resources.

Environmental Education in Loreto’s Schools and Community

Eco-Alianza has been a leader in initiating and consistently improving the environmental education curriculum in Loreto schools. Working with Mexican and American educational and science institutions, our educators bring science-based environmental learning to students at all age levels. Students who are especially interested are engaged in leadership and volunteer programs at Eco-Alianza to keep that learning spark alive. “Discovering the Treasures of Nature,” and the “Environmental Leadership Club,” inspire Loreto youth to become future conservation leaders and stewards of their environment.

Through presentations and an ongoing series of workshops and activities in schools, on beaches, at Eco-Alianza’s CenCoMA headquarters, and at local events, children and their families learn about the interconnectedness of land and sea, and the importance and beauty of a healthy environment. We work collaboratively to show students how their daily lives impact the environment around them (e.g., with the San Diego Natural History Museum’s PROBEA program, to bring water conservation curriculum and programs into Loreto schools).

A three-year collaboration with Pronatura Noroeste (beginning in fall 2016) will continue to build environmental education capacity through workshops, information sharing, and additional group activities.

Environmental Celebrations and Campaigns

Throughout the year, Eco-Alianza’s environmental educators engage the community with an ongoing series of participatory events to celebrate our unique natural resources. Celebrations of Conservation Week, Earth Day, World Water Day, World Ocean Day, and many more, bring to light the hard work that has been accomplished around the globe, and bring focus to innovative practices to protect our future.

Repeatedly, Eco-Alianza’s educators create opportunities for students to learn interactively, through outings, celebrations, and competitions outside of the school setting. Field trips give students a chance to learn in a hands-on way, and opportunities to be part of environmental solutions. Meeting a dolphin or a whale or a sea turtle in person creates a lifelong connection and an intimacy with nature. It inspires children and their families to take part eagerly in beach clean-ups or the Recyclathon, knowing that their efforts help to keep the environment pristine for their ocean-going friends, as well as their community.

REAL (Red de Educadores Ambientales de Loreto)

Eco-Alianza also is instrumental in creating opportunities for teachers and administrators to expand their knowledge base and participate in hands-on learning workshops, field trips, and campouts. With Eco-Alianza’s leadership, Loreto’s teachers of environmental education and science have created a supportive and vibrant group called REAL. The group now meets monthly to plan outings and activities for the educators, as well as to work collaboratively to plan curriculum improvements in local schools.

Interpreting PNBL

Eco-Alianza educators are working collaboratively with the Marine Park to connect classroom learning to the living science of the Park. As our Sister Park program expands, Eco-Alianza educators will work to replicate and revise some of the cutting-edge interpretive programs developed at the Channel Islands National Park, as well as to continue assisting PNBL staff with their visitor education efforts.

Social Service – Intern program

Students and even long-term visitors to Loreto can gain hands-on experience working as an intern or volunteer with Eco-Alianza’s environmental education department. There’s no better way to contribute to hands-on environmental education efforts while gaining valuable training in the nuts and bolts of designing and delivering innovative curricula and inspiring activities. Interns from UABCS, local and international high schools, and the technical institute in Ciudad Constitución already have taken part.

Javier Mercado Scholarship – University of Baja California Sur (UABCS) – Loreto Campus

Each year Eco-Alianza donors contribute scholarship funds to a deserving last year student at UABCS – Loreto Campus.  So far, six annual scholarships have been awarded based on highest academic and social service achievement. The scholarship fund is named in memory of one of Eco-Alianza’s founders, Javier Mercado Leon.