Sister Cities in the Making: Ventura, CA and Loreto, BCS

Sister City status has moved one step closer! A signed letter from Ventura Mayor Cheryl Heitmann was hand-delivered to Presidente Municipal de Loreto, Jorge Alberto Avilés Pérez, in an informal ceremony at Eco-Alianza’s headquarters, the Community Center for the Environment (CenCoMA) on the 13th of March, confirming the intention of forming a Sister City relationship. A formalization of the joining of the two cities is planned for the end of March in Ventura at the invitation of Mayor Heitmann. Members of Eco-Alianza de Loreto A.C. began contemplating this relationship during a visit to the Channel Islands in November 2013 to explore the Sister Park project. The November 2013 meeting in the Channel Islands was followed up with a week-long meeting and tour [...]


Support During 2013

Dear Friends of Eco-Alianza, I am writing you on behalf of the Board and staff, dedicated volunteers, students and our entire team who want to sincerely thank you for your kind and generous support during 2013. It is because of you that we have been able to make such great strides in accomplishing our mission to conserve the natural and cultural environment of the Loreto region. We wish to share here some highlights and our “wish list” for 2014. During the coming year, we look forward to improving the enforcement of Park rules and regulations by increasing awareness of stakeholders about the rules and regulations of the Bay of Loreto National Park. We plan to launch the exciting “Sister Park” project in [...]


Blueprint for Marine and Coastal Conservation

By Catharine Cooper Imagine …. Imagine … a cadre of youth educated and dedicated to protecting and nurturing their environment and sharing that knowledge with family and friends … Imagine … a group of energetic hands-on volunteers committed to solving local issues of water quality, waste management and resource protection … Imagine … a community center where like-minded individuals come together, a gathering space for researchers, government organizations, local partners and fishermen to chart paths to preserve natural resources and their ways of life … Imagine …  a staff of talented enthusiastic leaders guiding and directing activities of such a center with outreach programs in support of environmental goals … Imagine … partners, sponsors, supporters, and Directors with the resources and connections [...]


Holiday Greetings

Eco-Alianza has had a great 2013 and we’re excited about next year. I know you care about our special place on the Baja peninsula and the people who live here. And we all know that being good stewards ofour environment is fundamental to our quality of life, which is reflected in Eco-Alianza’s mission: To protect and conserve our natural and cultural environment by empowering civil society and government to jointly create healthy and prosperous communities. With your past generous support, we are doing more than our part for the greater Loreto region and the Bay of Loreto National Park. Some of our key accomplishments for 2013 include: Provided support for 20 local fishermen who are participating in a Community Surveillance Committee in [...]

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