“Celebrating Sea Turtles:
Insights from the 1st Conservation Forum”

World Sea Turtle Day was celebrated in Loreto with the 1st Forum on Sea Turtle Conservation Outreach on June 21st, with a collaboration between Eco-Alianza de Loreto, UABCS Campus Loreto, the Loreto City Council, and the Regional Center for Normal Education.

Sea turtles are fundamental species for marine ecosystems, and their conservation is crucial to ensure the health and diversity of our oceans, as well as the well-being of communities dependent on them. Despite their importance, these species remain vulnerable and are protected under different risk categories.

The objective of this forum was to highlight the efforts carried out by eight women in sea turtle conservation, emphasizing the relevance of their scientific and community work. Through their shared experiences, we were able to glimpse the hard work they do and promote a culture of respect towards these emblematic species.

Our speakers are experts in the field of marine conservation:

  • Abilene Giseh Colin Aguilar, Project Director at ASUMPMATOMA
  • Luciana Estela Klinge Ambrosina, Master of Science specialized in
    Coastal Marine Geology from Texas A&M University
  • Laura Andrea Flores Gasca, member of the Health Assessments in
    Sea Turtles from Baja California Sur (HAST-BCS) research group
  • Valeria Ugalde Sanchéz, student in the Master of Marine and Coastal
    Sciences program at UABCS
  • Nadia Luisa Islas Madrid, Environmental Education Supervisor at the
    Foundation Ecológica Eco-Bahía
  • Priscila Conde Guerrero, Coordinator of the Natural Resources
    Conservation Program at Eco-Alianza de Loreto
  • Yessica Mariana Salgado Gallegos, Park Ranger at
    Bahía de Loreto National Park

We would like to thank everyone for their participation in this event, and especially the speakers for inspiring us to learn more about the actions being taken to protect sea turtles and how we can contribute to this important work.

Your support is crucial to continue working together in the conservation of our marine species!

Watch the Outreach Highlight Video
of the 1st Forum on Sea Turtle Conservation

With deep respect and admiration, we dedicated the “Sea Turtle Conservation Outreach Forum” in memory of our good friend Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, who focused his life to the protection of these magnificent marine animals. His passion and commitment continue to inspire us, even after his departure.

Dr. Nichols was a pioneer in marine science and a tireless advocate for ocean conservation. His legacy lives on in our work and in the generations he has inspired to care for and preserve our oceans. Let us follow his example and work together for a sustainable future for all marine species.

Rest in peace, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols. Your spirit lives on in every wave and in every effort to protect our precious aquatic world.

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