Making a difference

Thanks to the generous donors and supporters over our 15-year history, Eco-Alianza has focused its energies and resources on making a difference in the lives and community of Loreto and surrounding areas of Baja California Sur. With an initial aim of providing and expanding Environmental Education, our strategy has evolved to support additional core programs in areas of Watershed Conservation, Sustainable Fisheries, Resource Management, and alternative Livelihoods.

As we close out one year and look forward to the next, we hold great excitement at what is possible. Thank you for your continued belief in our mission to be a key component in the creation of a healthy and prosperous community. Your support is critical to our success, and should your end of year giving plan include us, we will be forever grateful.

New in 2022, the establishment of Centro de Estudios del Medio Ambiente, CEMA (Research Center for Environmental Studies) dedicated to bring top scientists from the U.S., Mexico, and worldwide to conduct research in the natural laboratory of Parque Nacional Bahía de Loreto (PNBL), and throughout Baja California Sur under terms of of an international, multi-stakeholder partnership, a Memorandum of Understanding, between the University of California and Eco-Alianza to establish the Loreto region as a Sister Park.

Environmental education program update activities

The Environmental Education program of Eco-Alianza de Loreto promotes inclusive and intercultural education in its activities during the October – November bimester. In this way, the participants learn to feel, live and conserve their natural resources, reinforcing the link with their roots. During these months, interactive talks were host, contests that promoted the reuse of solid waste, as well the creation of literary artistic works that show the value of our natural and cultural heritage. Loreto women were empowered through training and development of economic activities through the reuse of highly polluting waste from our seas. This period concluded with creativity and soft skills development activities, as well as assertive communication and confidence.

Purchases at Eco-Alianza’s headquarters (CenCoMA) can be made by debit, credit card and cash and mailed to your friends and family in the U.S.A.!

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Eco-Alianza’s headquarters/the Community Center for the Environment (CenCoMA)
Richard Jackson Gallery
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Tony´s Silver
Marina de Puerto Escondido
Silver Desert
Posada del Cortes
La Cholla
Orlando´s Restaurant
Geckos curios
Hotel La Mision
Casa Mangos Loreto

Any donations until the end of this year will go directly to programs with no administrative fees. Donors will receive a tax deductible letter from the International Community Foundation, our fiscal sponsor in the U.S.A.