Eco-Alianza and CEMA (Research Center for Environmental Studies), our newest initiative, are proud to share updates on our activities and near-future plans. Thanks again to all our donors for their generous support which makes progress in protecting and enhancing the local and regional environment possible. Our goals continue to include projects that safeguard natural resources, improve local livelihoods/commerce through sustainable social and economic alternatives, and advance regional science education.

Advance Regional Science Education

Environmental Education has always been at the core of Eco-Alianza’s initiatives. We believe that to teach children is to train the next generation of environmental leaders, thus furthering a sustainable society. Our experience is that what our youth learn, intellectually and experientially, they share with peers, siblings and parents, thus expanding the reach of our programs. We provide them with life tools, such as critical thinking and problem solving, with a foundation in conservation.

At the heart of our education programs is the Nature Squad, headed by our Programs Coordinator, T.I.A. Alma Delia Rico Raygoza, whose enthusiasm has been described as contagious. Participants in this program range in age from 8-16-year-olds. A variety of activities and units of study introduce the students to subjects that include marine life, water conservation, waste management and recycling.

A group of our students recently competed at the regional level in the KID WIND CHALLENGE. In this challenge, they explored renewable energy, improved the function a prototype wind generator, and engaged in solar energy projects. Apart from subject matter learning, students gained indelible lessons in how to think like scientists: theorize the problem and present a solution through trial and error.

The Kid Wind Challenge took place on March 9. Two teams of four students participated, in each team there were two members of the Nature Squad, and a lead teacher belonged to REAL. One of our teams won the prize for Innovation. Their creative solutions improved their prototype wind generator during the event so that generated 200% more power than the original. What an exciting achievement!

Uses of Drones for Conservation

Eco-Alianza’s CEMA program spearheaded our dedication of 2023 to a year of women in science. Our first workshop in service of this dedication was the “Use of Drones for Conservation” was held on March 1st and 2nd at CenCoMA. We gratefully received M en C. Guadalupe Cornejo, a specialist in drone management and in the collection, analysis and use of data with the application of Geographic Information Systems as our instructor. The purpose of the workshop was to provide information and theoretical-practical training on the use of drones in activities in favor of conservation.

The workshop was specifically aimed at personnel from the Bahía de Loreto National Park, tourism service providers, firefighters, and members of civil society organizations. With these activities, Eco-Alianza continues to collaborate with the Bahía de Loreto National Park in strengthening capacities for conservation.

Environmental Education

Loreto Environmental Educators Network is composed of diverse youth mentors and teachers from the community who are leaders in the responsible use of the Township resources. Monthly meetings encourage dialogue around relevant environmental issues and plans for educational activities that can draw student involvement. Programs are informed with validated teaching methodologies and scientific knowledge: we work with people of all ages, promote gender equity, and are driven to share the love of these pristine natural resources so that others will care for them now and in the future.

Eco-Alianza, now with CEMA, has reached over 1,000 youths in the Loreto community through local elementary school visits that began in the second semester of 2022. Each of these participants shares their experiences with our lectures, courses and workshops with family and friends, thus expanding our mission and message while our outreach radius also continues to expand – last bimester we visited the San Juan Londo Unitary School.

Education also takes place in-person and online from the CenCoMA offices. Participants have learned about all of CEMA’s projects, how we continually evaluate water quality, and monitor sea turtles. Second language skills were also introduced with a “Funny English” course where children learned about local species and ecosystems while also learning a second language.

Beach Clean-up in Collaboration with the Bay of Loreto National Park and Waterkeepers – March 18th
Improve Local Livelihoods

Eco-Alianza promotes Circular Economy, partnering with Loretanos in a variety of ways that promote sustainability. We have worked with local fishermen to expand their fishing livelihood to include marine tourism. This has given them an alternate income stream and expanded their clientele. We have also offered programs to support the culture and heritage of Loreto with local vendors.

Safeguard Natural Resources

At the end of January, Eco-Alianza’s CEMA program, in collaboration with the Bay of Loreto National Park and the Municipality of Loreto, hosted the first Scientific Street fair (Tianguis Científico). The event was held in the Paseo de Salvatierra, located directly behind our offices. The science fair was a huge success with more than 20 stations where the public learned about local research initiatives and their most recent results. More than 50 scientists participated and approximately 800 people attended. Local vendors benefited with the sale of food, drinks, and artisanal products. Casa de la Cultura entertained with the performance of three traditional dances to live music by Santiago. Check out these videos of the event!

We are extremely grateful to the following organizations and our independent contractors for their participation:


We are dedicated to bringing top scientists from the U.S., Mexico, and beyond, to conduct research in Parque Nacional Bahía de Loreto (PNBL) and throughout Baja California Sur. Using this pristine natural laboratory, CEMA’s Goals, mentioned in this article by UC Davis (click here to download a pdf), Eco-Alianza’s partner under the University of California Natural Reserve System, include projects aimed to safeguard natural resources.

Thank you all for your support.
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