Permanent GPS Station Equipment Donated to Eco-Alianza
to Advance Science and Innovation

By, Prof. Nicholas Pinter, PhD
UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences

At the end of October this year, the first permanent GPS station was installed in Loreto.  Permanent, geodetic-grade GPS is a quantum leap beyond the GPS device you take hiking or operating inside your smartphone.  “Geodesy” refers to high-precision measurements of the surface of the earth, changes in the land surface, and precise positioning or navigation.  Geodetic GPS equipment can measure locations hundreds of times more accurately than hand-held GPS equipment, providing the levels of precision needed for most scientific and many commercial applications.  Permanent GPS receivers operate at a fixed location, taking measurements constantly, and providing a base station for any other GPS surveying or measurement in the region.

The new Loreto permanent GPS station, designated LTO1, fills a large gap spanning much of Baja California.  Previously, the closest station to Loreto was in La Paz, far enough away that this distance limited the accuracy of geodetic research and surveying throughout the Loreto region.  Data from LTO1 will be freely shared with researchers, industry users, boaters, etc. – anyone in Mexico or worldwide who chooses to download this information.

The new Loreto GPS station uses equipment provided by the University of California at Davis and from UNAVCO.  UNAVCO is funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation and by NASA to facilitate geoscience research and education around the world.  Permanent GPS stations need to be carefully engineered to be highly stable over decades.  The LTO1 station was designed and installed by Hugo Quintero – of Eco-Alianza fame – and a local construction team from Loreto.  Receiver programming and local data management for LTO1 is being done by Helden Velis, of Eco-Alianza.  Data from LTO1 will be archived and shared at no cost by UNAVCO.

Providing a local geodetic base station in Loreto provides researchers and surveyors and others around Loreto with large increases in measurement precision, up to a tenfold increase in some cases.  A local GPS base would be required, for example, for detailed bathymetric mapping in the Bahía de Loreto, which is much needed for both conservation and research in the Park.  The station itself will become part of a global geodetic network and will answer big scientific questions.  As data is collected in coming years, both researchers and indeed any casual observer will be able to watch, in real time, as Baja moves away from Central Mexico.  Importantly, LTO1 will also precisely measure vertical motion of Loreto, recording local processes, including for the first time the local component of sea-level rise.

A permanent GPS station in Loreto is a piece of the foundational infrastructure needed to transform the Bahía de Loreto area into a natural laboratory for science and innovation.

14th Anniversary Celebration and 2021 GALA

The 14th Anniversary Eco-Alianza GALA was a fabulous success! Thanks to everyone who attended and those who supported the evening. Your efforts make our mission possible.

Returning this year to Hotel La Mísion, it was heart-rewarding to gather in person once again. Smiling faces, warm greetings, and even hugs opened the evening. Guests were greeted with a photo opportunity and a chilled glass of champagne prior to ascending to the elegant 5th Floor Ballroom. A special room, dedicated to the Silent Auction, held wonderful opportunities to bid on stunning jewelry, beautiful furniture, décor, life-style experiences, and more!

After the Silent Auction, guests were invited to the sumptuous buffet menu which only the staff at La Mision could bring to this special evening!  This year, we were thrilled to have professional auctioneer, Bill Phelps, and his three partners, Loran Dick, Brian Houghton and Liz Ramirez , to up-the-enthusiasm and excitement for the valuable donated items. The Fund-A-Need segment raised needed funds in support of the many programs at Eco-Alianza, including Environmental Education programs, LORETO COASTKEEPER, which continue the important job of monitoring water quality and Sea Turtle conservation. 

Anne McEnany was the recipient of this year’s Environmental Stewardship Award. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend, but expressed her surprise and gratitude when notified by email after the event. Congratulations to Anne for her long stewardship and support of Eco-Alianza through The International Community Foundation (ICF), and her new position at the Alumbra Foundation, based in La Paz.

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The celebratory evening helped Eco-Alianza to continue its programs and new initiatives.  We could not do it without the volunteers, attendees, sponsors and donors.  Thank you for helping us spread environmental consciousness in and around Loreto. 

A special thanks to our sponsors and underwriters, and the generosity of our sponsors and underwriters. A special thanks to the Scott Serven and Hotel La Mision. Scott’s expert staff added their amazing talents to our 14th Anniversary Celebration and Annual GALA Fundraiser.  

With deep gratitude, Eco-Alianza wishes to thank the following friends and donors who supported Eco-Alianza’s programs throughout 2021, including those who generously supported this year’s 2021 GALA Fundraiser:

Blue Whale Sponsor

Sandra and Edward Abrahamian
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
James Gries
Jill Jackson, Mision Loreto Properties
Linda and Tony Kinninger
La Mision Loreto Hotel
Kathryn and Charles Mitchell
Orange Commercial Credit
Scott Serven
The Oregon Community Foundation
Cindy and John Wallace

Dolphin Sponsor

Geoff Arther
James Bernau
Ellzabeth and James Callard
Caryl Cantrell
Tracy Collingridge
Catharine Cooper and Steve Kawaratani
Thomas Elewaut
María Gamez
Paul Ganster
Joe and Sue Graham
Janice and Jerry Hawthorne
JoyLynn and Grant Henry
Rick Hodsdon
Richard Jackson Gallery
Georgia and James Kinninger
Mary and Peter Manno
Marina McBratney
Eva McFaul
Lesley Melton
Emma and Lewis Merrifield
Bruce Milne
Peggy O´Heron and Conrad Smith
Marcia and Dennis O´Hern
Eileen and Rob Ortega
Allan Peterson
Maria and Jarrett Pope
Liz Ramirez
Michele and Tom Reynolds
Leslie Smith
Sue and Rod Sonja
Gina and Curt Stanhope
Janet Sylvester
Lurline and George Twist
Rachelle and Chris Voight
Barbara and Quentin Wall
Heather and Kyle Westing
Pam and Kent Williams

Sea Turtle Sponsor

Janet Alonzo
Margaret Aquin
William Ashton
Claire Bailey
Dan and Elizabeth Baldini
David Beck
Alan Brandenburger
Felicia Brooks
Tina Brusseau
Terry Burnham
Bruce Catter
Katie Chapman
Jeanne Dardis
Marley Drainville
Kathleen Emmons
Art Engelbrecht
Robert Ferguson
Sherry and David Foken
Shawna and Larry Fontaine
Lori Free
Paul Gamache
Cathy Getman
Adelle Goodrich
Elaine Harvey
Jeff Hill
Brian Houghton
Rita Jaynes
Dave Kelly
Mr. and Ms. Dave L. Lamb
Susan LaTourette
Lucie Manley
Ann McEnany
Mark Morgans
Brigitte Morin
Jennifer Morsello
Patrick Mullen
Charles Naab
Dennis Noor
Daniel O’Connell
Laurie O’Reilly
Rosemary Pietrowski
Roy Place
Maureen and Phil Ramer
April Rankin
Donna Reeve
Jim Rieder
Peter Roberts
Schwab Charitable Fund
Elizabeth Simoneau
Dawn Smith
Diana Smith
Linda Thomas
Liz and Ron Tickman
Mary Vrooman
Amy Wagner
Dr. and Mrs. Ron and Gail Waters
Sharon and Larry Wheeler
Valrae Wilkerson
Richard and Kristin Winn
Bob Wyler

Live Auction 100% Donated

Anza-Borrego Springs – Elena & John Thompson
Canirac and Loreto Restaurants;

  • Almejas Conchó
  • Asadero Super Burro
  • Augie´s Bar & Bait Shop
  • Buena Vida Restaurant & Bar
  • Café Olé
  • Casa Carmen
  • Claudia´s Restaurant & Bar
  • Domingo´s Place Steak House
  • El Zopilote Brewing Co.
  • Hotel Oasis
  • La Brisa at Marina Puerto Escondido
  • La Terraza Sushi Bar
  • Loreto Islas
  • Los Mandiles Restaurante
  • Mi Loreto Restaurante
  • Orlando´s Restaurante
  • The Wine Cellar at Nopolo
  • Vista al Mar

Casa Mangos – Liz Ramirez
CostanoaMichele & Tom Reynolds
Dinner at Seaside Hacienda – Linda & Tony Kinninger
Grey Whale Watching Tour at San Ignacio Lagoon – Baja Eco-Tours – Johnny Friday
Loreto Coastal Expeditions – Tim Yarbrough
Professional-quality Custom Acoustic Guitar – Shaw Salzberg
Richard Jackson Photo Galeria – Richard Jackson
Ring in the New Year then Frolic and Relax in Luxury – La Mision Hotel
Saddling South – Trudi Angell
San Basilio – Tom Woodard
Spectacular Boat Trip On a Robalo 30’ Center Console – Rob Ortega
Sunset Cruise – Guinivere King & West Coast Multihulls
Twilight Golfing – Villas del Palmar
Watercolor Painting by Loreto Artist – Lizette Inzunza
Wild Swan Day Cruise – Linda & Tony Kinninger

Silent Auction 100% Donated

Cave Painting Art – Raul Leal
Haydee Garcia Gordillo Art – Haydee García
Hermosa Beach Sister Cities Organization – Liz Ramirez
Loreto Coastal Expeditions – Tim Yarbrough
Loreto Coastkeeper – Water Quality Testing – Eco-Alianza de Loreto
Mesa Art, Costa Mesa, CA – Frank J. Gutierrez
POP Board Co. – SUP  – Alan Brandenburger
Sun Necklace – Rosie Sheffer

Silent Auction on Consignment From Local Businesses

Conchita’s Curios – María Concepción García
Del Sol Decoraciones – Gustavo Flores
Silver Desert – Rossana Yanez
Tony’s Silver Loreto – Alejo Castillo


Rosa Campos
Loran Dick
Sally Dick
Graciela García
Bill Phelps
Liz Ramírez