Education is a core value of Eco-Alianza. By providing youth with an experiential and intellectual understanding of the value of our Loreto environment, we have implemented a foundation for generations of safeguarding and protection.

This March, we participated in the “Kid Wind Challenge.” This hands-on design challenge engages student teams that design, construct and test small scale wind turbines and solar structures at events all over the world. Four of our high-school students earned top honors for their wind energy generator prototype, securing a coveted spot in the upcoming world competition in Minnesota, USA this May.

Both our middle school and high school students participated in the International Film Festival Student Competition, with one student making it to the top 5 global finalists, elevating Mexico’s presence alongside countries like Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, and the USA. This student’s exceptional short film, crafted using various techniques including stop motion, highlighted her kayaking journey, nurtured by the knowledge and skills acquired through our Nature Squadron project.
In the previous quarter, we conducted workshops on DNA extraction, formed a group of bird explorers, and hosted the first Expo-Alianza of 2024, where past project participants evolved into mentors, advocates, and instructors, guiding fellow families and participants of all ages.

A series of photography and astronomy workshops have enabled families to explore and appreciate Loreto’s natural wonders in captivating ways. We actively engage in national and international opportunities for scientific, sports, artistic, and cultural activities, fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge to bridge territorial, economic, and social disparities.

Our Board, staff and advisors extend our deepest gratitude to all who support the initiatives of Eco-Alianza, enabling us to transform lives, create opportunities, and bridge gaps that demonstrate our collective impact on local communities for the greater good.

Eco-Alianza, in collaboration with the Loreto Solid Waste Committee, recently joined the impactful Mega Cleaning Campaign orchestrated by CLEAN UP—a remarkable state initiative that united 11 cities across the 5 municipalities of Baja California Sur. With a resolute mission to cleanse the beaches and streams, the campaign aimed to shed light on the grave consequences of littering on land and its detrimental impact on our oceans.

In Loreto, our dedicated team converged at the Candelaria stream to address the presence of organic remnants, construction debris, and plastic pollutants. The cleanup effort saw active involvement from over 50 individuals, including the fire department, public service personnel, ZOFEMAT representatives, members of the American community, and residents from the Infonavit, Jaral, Miramar, and downtown neighborhoods.

A commendable achievement was made as over 700 kilograms of waste were meticulously collected and responsibly disposed of at the landfill. Furthermore, approximately 60 kilograms of plastic—a quantity symbolized by about 1,350 PET bottles of various sizes—was expertly separated and gathered for proper recycling.

We extend a heartfelt invitation to the community of Loreto to uphold the sanctity of our marine and coastal environments by collectively ensuring they remain free from litter and plastic pollution. Let us preserve and protect our natural heritage for the coming generations. Together, we can make a lasting difference.

On March 21, Eco-Alianza convened a forum to discuss water issues relevant to Loreto, the surrounding regions of Baja California Sur, and worldwide. This forum was part of Loreto’s commemoration of World Water Day 2024. Each year, the United Nations organizes World Water Day activities to raise awareness of water issues and inspire action to tackle the challenges of water worldwide.

The March 21 Water Forum was held in the Eco-Alianza auditorium. Panelists included Prof. Nicholas Pinter and Dr. Sara Yarnell, from the Center for Watershed Sciences at UC Davis, Ing. Getzemaní López Rubio, Technical Director of OOMSAPA de Loreto, and M. Victor Gandarilla, with CONAGUA. Presentations were in Spanish and English, with simultaneous subtitled translations. Prof. Pinter spoke about the range of water issues and challenges worldwide, focusing on international science and collaboration as tools for finding water solutions. Dr. Yarnell spoke about the rich ecosystems supported by streams even in desert regions like Baja California Sur. Ing. López and M. Gandarilla spoke about the context and challenges of supplying water to Loreto and the surrounding communities.

The forum was attended by a large and diverse audience, including nine students visiting Loreto from UC Davis and a broad array of Loreto residents and visitors. Lively discussion followed the presentations, including many questions from the audience, spanning water issues and water science, both local and global.

Other Loreto activities included a World Water Day parade and educational and public outreach activities on March 22.

Eco-Alianza cordially invites the local and international community of Loreto to partake in the upcoming Urban Naturalist Challenge, scheduled for April 26-29.

In our previous participation in 2023, we were honored to secure the top spot at the state level and rank among the top 15 cities nationwide, with over 4100 observations and 755 species identified.

These activities play a pivotal role in documenting and identifying local flora and fauna species, fostering a culture of respect and admiration for the rich biodiversity present in our beloved Loreto. For further information and details, please feel free to reach out via email to

Let’s come together in celebration of our natural wonders!

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